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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 5, 2014 6:00pm-6:27pm EST

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welcome to "world news." tonight, frozen nation. dangerous cold, not seen in decades and this evening, amid
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all of this, a deadly small plane crash in snowy colorado. while in new york city, a jet skidding off an icy runway. shutting down a major airport. and this deep freeze about to worsen. when you walk out the door, windchills in some places, more than 50 below. also tonight, the high rise terror. the fire breaking out, the father tweeting from the 26th floor, trapped with his 2-year-old son. deadly road rage. investigators searching across several states tonight for the driver they say opened fire on another. the victim had just called 911. and who really has the edge in america? the self-described tiger mom is back tonight. no play dates, no sleepovers, and now, why she argues, certain groups have what it takes. do you agree? good evening and it's great to have you with us on a sunday night. the map behind me says it all
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this evening. if you thought it was cold, just look at what's coming. windchills this week, more than 50 degrees below zero. minneapolis, minus 52 this week. all the way down to atlanta, where it will feel like minus 12. a small plane crash at the snowy aspen airport in colorado, taking one life, injuring two others. a closer look tonight at the burned out cabin. eyewitnesses capturing video. and can hear what rescuers were dealing with there. the blustery wind there. that's the plane in the distance, obviously, just a few moments after the crash. and there was a very close call in new york city this sunday. a plane arriving at new york yes, sir jfk airport skidding into a snow bank, shutting down the airport for a time. no one was hurt. our extreme weather team on all of it tonight and the forecast. windchills early this week could break records. first, abc's clayton sandell with images moments after that plane crash. clayton? >> reporter: good evening,
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david. we have learned the ntsb is going to be investigating what happened here in colorado today. they'll be looking at whether those gusty winds played any part in today's crash. the jet came down at about 12:20 local time while trying to land, bursting into flames. the charred wreck flipped upside down. recordings captured this transition. >> okay, we'll turn back and do another approach. we have a tail wind of 30 knots. >> prun way 15, cleared to land. >> roger, november 115. >> reporter: one person was killed, another severely injured. a third suffered serious injuries. the local sheriff believes they were the only three people on board the plane, this bombardier challenger 600 like this one. it left tucson this morning, flying north on its way to aspen. wsb tv anchor craig lucie was there. >> the aspen airport is now shut down. you see all the planes right here, they are waiting to take off, but they will not take off. >> reporter: it's not clear why the plane crashed, but landing
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at aspen requires a steep, quick drop into a high mountain valley. the ski town is a hot spot for the rich and famous, and today celebrities became witnesses. singer lee ann rimes tweeting -- "so sad, horrible plane crash we just saw happen at the aspen airport." actor as "saturday night live" alum kevin nealon saw it too. "horrible plane crash here at aspen airport. exploded into falmes as it was landing." >> it came from that way to this way. it was moving and then it was doing this and then it hit and flipped and there was smoke and it had big ball of flames. >> reporter: inside the airport, passengers were stuck, waiting for word on when the runways would reopen. and tonight, we still do not know the identities of the people who were on that plane. david? >> clayton sandell, thank you. a dangerous scene at jfk today. no one was hurt. pilots landing on snowy runways across this country, making for some tense flying for passengers as others sleep this sunday
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night in terminals yet again. abc's lynn sinzie janis again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, snow, ishgs even freezing rainmaking runways from the midwest to the northeast treacherous this delta flight sliding off a taxiway at new york's jfk had to be dug out. at chicago o'hare, this spirit airlines flight skidding off the runway. and check thought small plane on an expressway in the bronx. >> we are losing engine. tower, tower, we're losing engine power. >> reporter: the pilot, on his way to connecticut, making a miraculous landing. >> i'll never make it. where do we touchdown? >> we are going to touchdown on the deegan expressway. >> reporter: no one nurt any of those potential plane disasters. as pilots and airlines put safety first, it's sheer chaos inside the airports. >> we don't have a plane, we don't have a crew, then they say say have a crew, they don't have plane. it's a big back and forth.
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>> reporter: jet blue announcing today it is canceling dozens of flights out of boston's logan airport, saying it will take days, not hours, to get people where they are going. today, passengers departing for chicago experiencing delays over fife hours long. departing for detroit many than three hours. still, some travel earls are trying to see the adventure in it all. lisa cho and her friends camping out at laguardia for four days now. >> this is hour home. we even built a little fort. i have on my pajamas. everyone else does, too. we built a little fort. >> reporter: it's going to take days to clear the backlog of passengers and with more freezing temperatures headed towards the northeast next week, david, we're told to expect even more delays. >> all right, linzie janis tonight at the airport. thank you. zbland this evening, authorities are warning the cold will get even worse this week. windchill warnings stretching over 1,700 mile, from the canadian border all the way down the southern border.
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in indiana tonight, slow going after more snow there on top of nearly a foot of snow they had already. the famous gateway arch in st. louis, missouri, barely visible right there in the middle of the wind. and the good samaritans, two right there helping a stranded motorist. gio benitez is in chicago again tonight where they have been hammered with two giant rounds of snow and the sub zero temperatures coming. gio, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, david. the snow has been falling for more than 24 hours now. and i just want to show you just how much snow there is here on this chicago sidewalk. take a look. it is almost up to my knees. this is really the beginning of a nightmare here in the midwest. tonight, another major snowstorm pummels the midwest. almost a foot of snow falling today. and up next, the coldest arctic air in decades. a subzero cold snap hitting america's heartland, monday's forecast? 8 below zero in cleveland. 12 below in pittsburgh.
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people here in chicago calling their city chi-beria. >> i'm going to buy a hat and gloves. >> reporter: yeah, you need it. city officials with the warning -- >> these are extremely dangerous conditions and we strongly urge people to heed the warnings and take the necessary precautions to stay safe. if you can stay indoors please do so. >> reporter: that's why minnesota's governor has already cancelled all classes monday, to keep thousands of kids at home. this is chicago's michigan avenue, that famous stopping district. you can see the water tower right there. and today, this is all packed with snow and so many shoppers looking for winter gear. in the east, ice is a problem, causing this massive 11-car pileup in new york's staten island. the concern on roads, black ice, that invisible ice creatied in below freezing temperatures. slick roadways flipping cars on their sides and making sidewalks slippery. >> the most common things are going to be ankle injuries, wrist injuries, knee and elbow. >> reporter: windchills expected to go so low in des moines, your
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car's antifreeze will no longer work. in minneapolis, frostbite can occur in just five minutes. and that's why tonight, people are desperately looking for ways to cover up. and cover up. we can't stress that enough. get those ears covered. get the hands covered. wear those layers, david. it's really dangerous out here. >> gio, thank you for you and the crew for braving these conditions for us. zbland this evening in green bay, wisconsin, the temperature hovering right around zero. 80,000 football fans are packed into lambeau field, outdoors for the packers taking on the 49 earls. they are bundled up in more than just their fan gear tonight. matt smith from your station in green bay, is right there with the fans tonight. matt? >> reporter: david, it's hard to believe, but it is a soldout game here tonight at lambeau field in green bay. fans have been coming here to the stadium's atrium to warm up. when they leave the game tonight, it will feel like negative 25 and continue
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dropping. still, 80,000 loyal fans are here tonight, during one of the coldest games in nfl history. >> i mean, look at this! this is insane. we're apart of history. especially with the cold coming in. >> i have four layers of long johns, two sets of snow pants, four shirts, a sweatshirt and a coat. >> you walk around, there's so many people having fun, it's -- can't be seen anywhere else, i don't think. >> reporter: because of these dangerous temperatures, fans are being warned tonight to not drink a lot of alcohol and we've learned tonight security has an extra job -- making sure everyone stays bundled up and safe. david? >> all right, matt smith tonight, thank you. nothing keeping the fans away. i want to bring in brad mitz from wsb in atlanta you are telling us the real cold, the real cold hits us when we walk out the door in the morning. >> tomorrow morning is going to be the coldest of this air pass. windchill readings, 50 below zero or colder, where you see
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purple on the map. the extreme cold extends all the way down to kansas city, st. louis and indianapolis. windchill warnings and advisories cover a huge part of the country. tonight, tomorrow and into tuesday. that cold air reaches all the way down to the northern gulf coast. and windchill temperatures by tuesday morning, 12 below in atlanta, 26 degrees is cold for florida in orlando. and that cold air continues to push towards the east. so, it will feel like 40 below in pittsburgh, 20 below in philadelphia and in new york city, it feels like 16 below tuesday morning. >> tomorrow morning when you wake up, parts of this country, you said 57 below, we can't underscore the danger of frostbite. >> very dangerous. >> all right, brad, our thanks to you and wsb tonight. we will have much more on this frozen nation, those early morning windchills, first thing in the morning, robin and george are back this week, for "good morning america." in the meantime, we move on here tonight to a fire in this new york city skyscraper behind
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me, and from the 26th floor, a frantic tweet from a dad, trapped with his 2-year-old son. hundreds of families evacuated in the cold tonight, and abc's reena ninan is at the scene. >> reporter: panic as fire breaks out in the 42-story high rise in the heart of midtown new york. one resident, a man who goes by the name mikey atwall, his wife nadia and 2-year-old son, trapped inside. atwall live tweeting their desperate situation. first posting this photo of the smoke, with the caption, quote, stuck on building on 26th floor, building on fire. firefighters rushing to the scene to battle the blaze. the smoke engulfing parts of the building. atwall, a scientist and professor, livesover the 26th floor. minutes later, tweelts, still stuck. too much smoke on hallways. el say tomorrows not working. standing in balcony with wife and 2-year-old. more than 133 fire fighters responded to the fire. take a look at the charred remains. it is believed it started right at the 20th floor or so of this
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apartment building. we spoke with nadia atwall about their ordeal. >> the smoke is so intense and silent. and we put right away wet towels inside our door. that was really the moment where i was seriously scared to death. >> reporter: the atwalls and other residents rescued by firefighters. it's not clear when residents will be allowed back in their holmes or exactly how -- >> our thanks to reena ninan tonight. we're going to turn now to the search this evening across several states for the driver authorities believe opened fire on another driver this weekend. it was deadly. and the victim had called 911 just moments before. here's abc's susan saulny. >> reporter: tonight, a massive search across pennsylvania, maryland and west virginia to find the dark-colored pickup truck who the authorities say fatally shot 28-year-old timothey davison in what appears to be a terrifying incident of
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road rage. it began along a stretch of i-81 near the border between maryland and pennsylvania just after 2:00 a.m. on saturday. davison was driving north, back home to poland, maine, after visiting family over the holidays. he called 911 in distress, saying a ford ranger-style truck was following him. what happened next is chilling. operators listened as davison, helpless at the wheel, said someone was firing shots. >> he then rammed his vehicle into the victim's vehicle causing it to spin out of control and become disabled in the median. >> reporter: police say the suspect got out of his truck, approached davisons and fired several rounds into his vehicle. davison, a pipefitter at an engineering company , died of his injuries. his father telling abc news tonight that he was a hard worker who disliked guns. >> he was on 911 for the majority of this incident, and we are reviewing the tapes to get more information that might help us find out what happened. >> reporter: tonight, police
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want to know if this shooting has any connection to a suspected road rage shooting just two dame ace go and 60 miles away in that case, the driver shot at close range, escaped unharmed. david? >> susan, thank you. overseas this even, and to iraq now, where several car bombs struck baghdad today, killing ten people. tonight, the government has released this new video, showing aerial bombardments in anbar province. the terror group has taken control of two key steps there, including fallujah. secoretary of state kerry sayin the u.s. will give support, not troops. no north korea tonight, where more american basketball players are getting in on dennis rodman's so-called basketball diplomacy. they will play a north korean today that rodman trained to mark the birthday of kim jong-un. rodman has not commented on the execution of kim jong-un's uncle, but the north korean dictator saying just this past
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week that his uncle was a despicable human being. tonight back in washington, president obama is back in the white house. not everyone is back at the white house. a gift for the first lady. mrs. obama staying behind in hawaii. the first lady getting a few extra days of sflin, as an early birthday present. she turned 50 in the coming dais so we say, happy birthday, mrs. obama. there is still much more ahead on "world news" this sunday night. the self-described tiger mom is back. her first book, causing a backlash. and wait until you hear what she's saying now about why certain groups make it in america. and later tonight, the aurora borealis is back. the first images of the new year and what you can see in the sky tonight. we're back in two minutes. [ sneezes ] [ coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms.
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nothing less than an a. tonight, she's adding more, arguing why certain groups make it in america. abc's aditi roy tonight. >> reporter: the self-described tigre mom is back. author amy chua, whose tough-love parenting techniques described in her 2011 book sparked uproar among some parents, has just co-authored a new book with her husband, jed rubenfeld, that could cause even more outrage. in, "the triple package," the authors claim these eight cultural groups in the u.s. are more successful than others. among the eight? jewish, indian, chinese and a e iranian. the reason? chua and her husband argue the groups balance three factors -- superiority complex, insecurity, and impulse control better than others do. chua, a yale law professor, has battled controversy before. >> i think sometimes that some parents give up too quickly. >> reporter: in her 2011 book, "the battle hymn of the tiger mother," chua described her strict parenting approach, that
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some called cruel no play dates, no bathroom breaks during piano practice and no grades below a. >> my daughter, lu lu came back with a bad math test when she was about 10. and she said, "i hate math, i'm bad at math." i didn't accept that. >> reporter: chua responded to her critics during an interview with abc's juju chang. >> and so, in the end, tiger parenting is about pushing your child to live up to their potential? >> yes, but always with love. that's the crucial thing. it's got to be high expectations coupled with love and listening. >> reporter: in "the triple package," the authors dlim use original research and startling statistics, adding they hope readers will better understand why certain individuals and groups succeed and other boss not. david? >> aditi, thanks. when we come back here on "world news" tonight, an image that caught our eye this evening. amid this arctic blast, the beauty. where this scene is stunning onlookers tonight. [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil,
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medical marijuana for patients here in new york city. the planet jupiter is making a rare appearance in the skies over earth. when the sun sets in the west, jupiter is rising in the east. the brightest star visible, we're told, without a telescope. sharing the spotlight with these amazing images, the first pictures of the aurora borealis for the new year captured in norway tonight. and in china, a shimmering city of ice tonight. all the spectacular skuple sures made totally out of blocks of ice. that's stung to see. the artists have been working on these creations around the clock for the past two weeks. looks like america tonight. when we come back on "world news," the tweets you send me, surviving the cold this sunday. and the one that made us laugh -- sort of. it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something.
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